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Westby House

Gourmet Breakfast at Westby House Inn

Treat Your Tastebuds

“What nicer thing can you do for somebody than to make them breakfast?"
- Anthony Bourdain

Breakfast is our favorite time of the day. As a husband-and-wife team, we love entertaining. We’ve spent years cooking together in our private home for our family and our friends. Now, as innkeepers, we enjoy cooking for our guests. We share meals that are family favorites and special traditions, such as our famous breakfast pizza. We take pride in using fresh, local, and organic ingredients whenever possible. Our menu is changed seasonally to create culinary experiences that complement each season.

We recognize that “the breakfast” is a large part of the reasons people choose to stay at a bed and breakfast. Therefore, on display in our lobby, you will find our breakfast menu for the following morning along with a list of key ingredients. This allows our guests to view the menu and ask questions about the meal in advance. Plated and served to you at your table, is a portion of each offering. We want you to feel like welcomed family friends around our table, which is why we offer second (and 3 rd ) portions of anything that made your pallet happy. We strive to prepare delicious, homestyle, family meals that our guests will remember long after leaving the inn. We look forward to seeing you at our table soon.

Coffee Station with Sweet Nibbles and Fresh Fruit

“What goes best with a cup of coffee? Another cup.” - Henry Rollins

Beginning at 7am, in addition to a full breakfast, we offer a coffee/ tea bar and a little something sweet, such as pastry or danish along with seasonal fresh fruit. This is to appease our early risers and stop stomachs from growling. This is offered to our guests on our main floor in our lobby. Please feel free to come down and pour yourself a cup of coffee or tea. Perhaps enjoy a sweet nibble of a pastry while reading the morning paper in any of our common areas or take coffee and a banana back up to your room to enjoy in bed. The choice is yours.

When and Where is Breakfast

“All happiness depends on a leisurely breakfast” - John Gunther

Breakfast is served at 9:00 AM in our formal dining room, located on the first floor. But we don't think you will need an alarm clock to know when your breakfast is ready. Our guests enjoy waking up to the aroma of our privately roasted, handcrafted, fresh-brewed coffee made specifically for the Westby House.

Our dining room has five separate tables. While we have carefully “social distanced” our tables from one another, sharing stories and laughter can still occur between fellow guests.

Each of our dining tables is set with you in mind. In keeping with the Victorian theme of the home, we create a simple elegance using china, knife- rests, silver flatware, and beautiful diamond cut juice glasses. A crystal carafe of lemon spring water is also placed at each table.

When weather permits, we enjoy serving our guests' breakfast on our patio.

What's On the Menu?

“Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince, and dinner like a pauper” – Adelle Davis

The rumors are true. Our breakfasts are big!! We try to satisfy every pallet. From our hearty eaters to our finicky-style guests, we do our best to meet everyone’s needs.

We begin your breakfast experience with freshly brewed coffee and/ or your choice of hot tea from our impressive tea menu. We have many juice options as well. We also offer milk and dairy alternatives such as Oat and almond milk.

We have a liquor license here at the Westby house and can therefore offer morning cocktails, such as fresh mimosas or bloody Mary’s to our guests. Morning cocktails are for purchase and the price for each cocktail is listed on our breakfast menu of the day.

A first-course offering, consisting of a fresh seasonal fruit parfait or our famous house yogurt from Westby Creamery or piping hot fresh scones, is intended to be enjoyed with your morning beverage.

We then begin plating our main course breakfast, which is served to you just as it would be in a restaurant. Because you are here to enjoy each other's company, we bring you and your table partner's meal out together ensuring you both have a warm meal to plan your daily activities over.

Some of our house specialties include ~ gourmet-style breakfast sandwiches or specialty toasts paired with unforgettable sauces, rich and cheesy crab stuffed scrambled eggs, creamed eggs on homemade biscuits, or perfectly prepared eggs Benedict topped with a fresh tangy hollandaise sauce.

Sides such as hashbrowns, cooked to perfection, or roasted asparagus topped with a mushroom bacon sauce or maybe a spinach gratin or sweet potato hash.

Breakfast meats from our local meat locker include perfectly seasoned breakfast sausage and crisp light and airy bacon.

We are known for our delicious bread puddings and a true house favorite – our most requested, Amish oatmeal pie.

All of these house specialties are reasons to get out of bed in the morning, but nothing tops our breakfast pizzas. We share our family tradition of breakfast pizza with our guests every Sunday morning. We have several different specialty breakfast pizzas we create. Some of our personal favorite breakfast pizzas are: our corned beef hash breakfast pizza, our biscuits and gravy pizza, our huevos ranchero pizza as well as our eggs Benedict pizza. Concerned about having pizza for breakfast, don't be. Our pizzas behave much like a quiche. While being served as a pizza, the crust is light and airy and can easily be cut - saving you the concern of having to forfeit your table manners.

** For our friends who are calorie conscious or gluten sensitive, we also offer a delicious, crisp cauliflower crust as well as a gluten-free crust so you don't have to miss out on any of the fun!!

Want to Get an Early Start to Your Day?

“One should not attend even the end of the world without a good breakfast” - Robert A Heinlein

Looking for an early start to your day, or perhaps you want to sleep in? You are on vacation after all. We simply can't have you skipping breakfast. That is why we offer a continental version of our breakfast. We are happy to bring this up to your room as early as 715am. If you would prefer to have a continental version of our breakfast, please see one of us before we retire to our residence the night before. We will do everything we can to accommodate your request. No explanations are necessary!

Special Diets and Diabetics

“Let food be thy medicine, and let medicine be thy food.” - Hippocrates

If you have special dietary needs preferences or requirements, including gluten intolerance, lactose intolerance, vegetarian needs, diabetic, or even all the above - we have a special host of recipes that we are happy to incorporate into our breakfast menu. Please let us know in advance if you have any food allergies or any dietary restrictions. We are not a stocked restaurant. Therefore, the more you let us know about you and your specific needs prior to your arrival, the better we can accommodate you during your stay.

Just Need a Strong Cup of Coffee, a Muffin, and a Banana?

“I came down as soon as I thought there was a prospect of breakfast.” - Charlotte Bronte, Jane Eyre

If your weekend plans require you to be out of the house and on the go at an early hour, we got you covered! After all, we can't have you skipping out on breakfast. It's the most important meal of the day! Simply see one of us before we retire to our residence the evening before your big adventure. We will happily put together what we call our “grab and go” breakfast option. This option allows you to get out the door in a hurry without compromising your stomach and its needs.

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